What Is The DHgate Website?

What is DHgate? Found out more about the leading Chinese digital platform and start buying high-quality and low-cost goods online.


1/11/20230 min read

Chinese internet marketplaces, of which DHgate is one, have gained popularity in recent years due to their lower prices. It is an online wholesale marketplace for consumer goods in China. The company attracts a lot of customers since it provides incredible discounts and deals that are difficult to refuse.

The validity of the website is frequently questioned, though, because the buyer must pay in advance and enter their credit card number.

You must take into account a variety of elements that relate to the site's security and order delivery in order to determine whether the site is real. It is reasonable that the site's low prices occasionally appear to be too good to be true and may cause you to have uncertainties and doubts. Your doubts may get even stronger if you learn about any negative situations that others have had. In order to assist you decide if it is secure to purchase items from DHgate and how to identify trustworthy vendors, we have produced this guide.

Why is DHgate cheap?

The fact that this website features affordable offers is one of the reasons why many question its genuineness. Due to the fact that most of the sellers on DHgate are Chinese because it is a Chinese marketplace and because items are produced in China on a big scale, the cost of manufacturing is lower, DHgate has incredibly low prices.

Although these offers might appear too good to be true and might make you question the website's security, the prices are actually even lower because Chinese items are often less expensive and because DHgate is a wholesale marketplace. Therefore, despite the website's inexpensive price, its credibility should not be questioned.

Why is it considered a scam?

Customers frequently view it as a fraud for a number of reasons. Some of the issues are real, while others are just the result of miscommunication or misunderstanding on both sides. It's also crucial to realise that problems encountered by clients are typically the fault of sellers rather than the website itself, therefore DHgate shouldn't be questioned as a result of the conduct of the site's vendors. However, some difficulties, like those with customer service, are really the website's fault.

DHgate is frequently regarded as a fraud website for a number of reasons, including,

Lack of customer service

Some customers think DHgate's customer service falls short of expectations. Customer service is in fact required in cases of disputes where neither the buyers nor the sellers can agree on a solution. Buyers should be aware, nevertheless, that customer care cannot assist them if there is no supporting documentation. For this reason, you should always have documents available in case you require customer support assistance, including messages you exchanged with the seller, images of the damaged goods, and an unboxing video. Send all of this documentation to customer service so they are aware of the obvious issue.

Not receiving orders

Receiving orders from DHgate either late or never is one of the issues that many consumers go with. When a case like this occurs, clients should take a few things into account. First, holidays may contribute to delayed orders. If you use shipping services that offer free or cheaper delivery, you are most likely to receive your order late and as a result, your product may be damaged or lost as well. Commercial courier services also deliver things more faster than non-commercial ones. You may request a refund from the vendor if you don't receive the package.

Receiving defective products

Products with flaws are frequently one of the issues that customers have. Customers occasionally receive faulty goods or packages that have been damaged in transit. There are three possible answers to this problem. First off, if the item you ordered is expensive, you will need to mail it back to the vendor to get your money back. Second, if the item is not of high worth, you can bargain with the vendor for a refund or request that they give you a different item. However, since you would be responsible for the hefty shipping expenses, you should never resend low-value items.

Charges and shipping fees

Customers frequently criticise shipping and delivery fees. It's critical to realise that you will incur shipping costs if you select commercial shipping choices. However, depending on the provider, you might not be required to pay delivery fees if you choose non-commercial choices and don't want to pay delivery fees. But this can cause the order to be delayed. Additionally, be wary of merchants who promise to waive shipping costs because some do so solely to entice clients to place an order with them even though ultimately, the customers are responsible for the amount.

Altering prices

The fact that some products have different prices is one of the arguments used by some to argue that DHgate is a scam website. A buyer might purchase a product at one price, for instance, but the price might increase after the order has been placed. Smaller firms are typically the only ones who list the incorrect pricing per unit. However, this is simply the outcome of an error and not a scam. If this occurs, talk to the vendor about it in regards to this matter.

Things you must know before ordering from DHgate

Customers who do not understand the rules and nuances of DHgate frequently face the majority of the issues listed. It is critical that customers thoroughly understand the website before placing their orders. This is why we've compiled a list of things customers should be aware of before placing their orders.

Cancelling the order

If the order has not yet been shipped, you may cancel it and request a refund. Go to the order you want to cancel and then click the "Request refund" button. The seller will have 10 days to respond to the request.

Tracking numbers

The courier service you select determines the tracking number. It will appear on the courier service's website in 5, 7, or 10 days.

Customs and Import Taxes

If the seller has a warehouse in your country, you will not have to pay customs or import taxes; however, if the seller does not have a warehouse in your country, you will have to pay customs and import taxes. To avoid any surprises, ask your seller if you will have to pay any additional customs or import taxes.


When it comes to obtaining assistance from customer service in the case of defective products, evidence is critical. Customer service cannot assist you if you do not have proper evidence of your problem. Customers are frequently perplexed about what evidence they must provide. Text messages with the seller, videos of the package being unpacked, and photos clearly showing the defective product are all examples of evidence you may require.

Finding reliable sellers

Finding trustworthy sellers is the most important aspect of avoiding scams on DHgate. The problem with most customers who are victims of scams is that they do not make the effort to find trustworthy sellers and instead order from any random seller. These customers then blame the website. It is critical that when ordering from DHgate, you ensure that the seller you are purchasing from appears reliable and trustworthy. To assist you, we have compiled a list of tips for finding trustworthy sellers on DHgate.

Single product category

Sellers with multiple product categories that are completely unrelated to one another are suspect. Most sellers with larger scale and reliable businesses have one product category, and even if they have multiple categories, those categories will be related to one another. If a seller sells home care products, they may sell detergents, dishwashers, and surface cleaners. Because these items are all related, the seller can be trusted. You should not trust sellers who are selling items that are completely unrelated.

High-quality images and descriptions

Sellers who run a larger-scale business and are professional will always include proper product descriptions with clear information and high-quality images of the products. You should not put your trust in sellers who lack proper product images and descriptions.


When it comes to finding trustworthy sellers, reviews are extremely important. You should always look for feedback. However, you should be cautious if a product has shady good reviews, as these reviews may be from the seller themselves. Reviews, on the other hand, can reveal a lot about a product. If a product has no reviews, it is best not to order it because you never know how that product is.

Overseas warehouses

Large-scale sellers will almost certainly have overseas warehouses. This also boosts their credibility, so check to see if they have warehouses in your country or, at the very least, in other countries on a larger scale.

DHgate vs Aliexpress

Because DHgate and Aliexpress are both Chinese wholesale online marketplaces, they are nearly identical. DHgate and Aliexpress both use similar shipping methods and offer lower prices. In terms of quality, you'll need to do your homework and look for trustworthy sellers on both websites. However, because DHgate is not as crowded as AliExpress, you can find higher-quality products at lower prices. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. The great thing about DHgate is that it offers inspection services to ensure that the product you are purchasing is genuine and reliable.

Buying branded products from DHgate

Some people may prefer to buy branded products from DHgate in order to get a better deal. Though you may not always find branded products at lower prices on DHgate, there are some products that perform similarly but are not necessarily branded. China is well-known for such products, and many of the time, they perform just as well, so don't dismiss the quality simply because they aren't branded. You can try to purchase these items from reputable sellers with positive feedback.


Because of their low prices, websites like DHgate are extremely popular. As long as you understand the rules and regulations of the sites, DHgate is an excellent choice for you. There are a few things you can do to improve your experience, such as reading reviews, keeping detailed records of your interactions with the seller, and using commercial courier services. Even if you come across an occasional scammer, you will not be scammed if you use these methods. Members can also take advantage of a variety of cool benefits on the site. Even if this is your first purchase, you will be given a new buyer's coupon.

DHgate serves both small and large businesses, but if you are a small business, DHgate is an excellent choice. The website is working to improve buyer protection policies as well as seller quality.

However, if you want to get good quality products without getting scammed, you must take responsibility and conduct research to find reliable sellers. You can never blame the site too much if you aren't careful with your orders and the sellers you buy from.

What is Dhgate
What is Dhgate
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